Two Rescue Dogs with Hearts of Gold:


Davey (aka Mars) is an 18 month old love. The Franklin county Sheriff’s office captured Davey in the davey - 1st photoGreenfield area of Massachusetts. He was starved, had a bad flea and worm infection. He had maggots in his sores on his back and butt. They took him to a vet for immediate care. Northeast Pyr Rescue contacted the sherrif’s office and worked with Leslee Colucci, Shelter Director to take Davey into our rescue. Thank you, Leslee, for trusting him to us.

He has been with us a couple of months while he healed and grew stronger. He had a coat except on his naked butt when he came to us. What a site! These pictures are when he first left the vet’s office. Based on his condition he was starving in a crate or confined space for a time. We believe he was dumped. He had no meat on his bones and lacked muscle.

He has spent time at Fitter Critters in Lee, Massachusetts. to build up his muscles as he gained weight. With the water treadmill and therapy exercises done by his foster family (Tracy, David and Quintin Crosby) he has improved dramatically. He stands proud now with his hindquarters up, supporting himself the way he should.

November 21st he will go to his FOREVER home. He deserves to be treated like a king. His new mom is a certified massage therapist and will continue to make him stronger. We will miss him but have rescues to do.

I’m nicked name Champ because I am fighting Sarcoptic mange and a skin infection. I have been like this for the last 6 months and my friends at NEPR have just taken me in to care for me. It will be a long road to get me well. I am contagious so I cannot be hugged like I long for yet. That will be my Christmas present. To be able to be hugged. I’m just 13 months old so I’m still a baby and want to be cuddled.

Then I will start my treatment for Lyme and Anaplasma. Then I will be given time to grow back my hair, gain weight and be happy.   Eventually I will be neutered and ready for the FOREVER HOME I deserve.

I did not deserve this, no dog deserves this. IT IS SO CRUEL!

If you would like to follow my progress you can find Northeast Pyr Rescue on Facebook, or check me out on their webpage under available dogs. They will update my information there. When I am adoptable they will change my description on their page letting people know I’m ready.

You can also make donations there to help NEPR care for me and my cousins.



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