Hello All! With warm weather approaching we thought it would be a good time to remind all dog owners of 2 simple laws that we so often see over looked! And some knowledge on what happens when your dog is brought to the shelter as a stray.

  1. All dogs in the state of Massachusetts are required by LAW to be up to date on their Rabies Vaccination. This is a yearly vaccine, unless you get a 3 year shot. All dogs must also WEAR their rabies tag on their collars.
  2. All dogs in the State of Massachusetts are required to be licensed in the city they reside in. Dogs can be licensed for a small fee at your town hall. Dogs are also required to wear these tags on their collars.
  3. Although this is not a law. Dogs should also always have an updated tag on their collars with a contact number to call if your dog ever goes missing! Aside from a tag you should also go the extra step to microchip your pet!

All City shelters are required to charge a 40.00 Impound fee per DAY for any stray dog. So yes, although it can be a pain if your dog ends up at the local shelter be prepared to cough up some bail money! And yes that is right it is the LAW, it is not your City shelter giving you a hard time! (M.G.L.C. 140 S167. If you want to do your research)

Also to reclaim a pet for a city shelter you must provide proof of ownership! Pictures are not adequate proof of ownership! You’d be surprised how many ex’s will try and claim your dog! So please remember Vet records, Microchip Information, Adoption Papers, and Town Licence’s are generally the only things that will count as proof of ownership!

Although a simple fee for your pets safety, or solid proof that you are the actual owner of your pet seem like easy things to provide, we can not tell you how many times we run into people without these things!

Here are a few simple things to avoid your dog getting loose:

Check your fences/gates for any damage from the winter months. Holes, weak posts, or broken latches often go unnoticed until it’s to late!

If your dog is outside PLEASE make sure it is wearing a collar and tags.

If you have a dog who is a well known escape artist please do not leave them unsupervised outside. Some owners have gone the extra step of getting a GPS track to attach to your dogs collar! And yes they are a little costly, but so worth it!

Considering fixing your dog! Un-neutered males and Un-spayed are 50% more likely to want to wander and roam the neighborhood!

We have already had a busy Stray season! Please do right by your pets and take all precautions to avoid them getting loose, for their safety and the public’s!

Danielle LaPointe

Manager, Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter


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