‘To Dream the Impossible Dream’ – Peace Jesse Salas – The Legacy


He gives us peace about our animas. Animals “we need them.” All my adult life I have been beholder to the wolf archetype. All my dogs are husky mixes. I finally fell in love with the pure bred Alaskan malamute. The fee was reasonable. The beginning of a love story and a master life teaching.

He tried for twenty years to train my dogs. Puppy kindergartens, private training. There is still something inside me that loves the untamed part of nature. Freedom. The pure affection it teaches. Loyalty.

Whenever any of my dogs became defensive with other dogs in class, we were always separated. No more participation-No more interaction with the other dogs in class. Teaching stopped. I’ve been to at least six trainers. Dismissed by all.

I began avoidance tendencies, and holding my breath when encountering any other dogs. Praying on the edges of chance, my dogs would be “okay”.

I watched “the dog whisperer” and tried to decipher “Caesar’s way”. Most times it, too, made me feel left out. You can wait for years to meet Caesar, or never.

Then my dog had a horrendous accident. She severed her ligament, tendons and an artery of her left front leg on an old piece of mill glass rising up from the ground. There was blood everywhere. We used a queen size sheet as a tourniquet!

My neighbors followed her blood trail to the river. He found this enormous piece of inch thick glass that cut her right open!

I am forever thankful to Greylock Animal Hospital for saving her life, and her leg! They also prescribed “Fitter Critters”, a dog therapy pool in Lee, Ma.

My dog wore a brace on her leg for months! Jody Chiquoine, founder of Fitter Critters, and her staff helped heal her leg almost completely. If I didn’t have the cash for a treatment Jody let us barter. True Wolf Sister. Happily and gratefully, we walk now. We continue going to Fitter Critters. Able to pay now, we donate at least an extra dollar each visit towards the people who can’t pay! It adds up quickly!

We moved to a more rural setting. My roommate fell ill. My dog had only one dog friend next door. He was a Grand Malamute. They instantly fell in love.

Unfortunately my roommate succumbed to his illness and so did the dog next door. My dog absorbed the trauma and became very isolated and defensive with other dogs.

Longing on one hand (or should I say paw) to play with other dogs, but becoming more and more on edge with them. We had some incidence with an all out defensive ambush on two other dogs.

Thank god the owner was kindhearted. She saw my extreme vulnerability and didn’t pursue my dog. I am extremely grateful for her.

So again, on the hunt for training, I found one of the top ten police dog trainers in the country. She had the same response as all the other trainers- fear and separation.

Finally Jody Chiquoine recommended Jesse Salas “The Right End of the Leash”. I took some time off to grieve. Jesse was patient enough to understand my need for time. He listens. He waited until I was ready. The true training has no begun. My training!

The first class was a two hour seminar at Shamrock Professional Dog Grooming and dog waste removal in Pittsfield. They board dogs and Jesse Teaches there.

The Seminar was on healing your relationship with your dog. Healing your perception of your dog. I kept my dog in the car, for fear she would not be friendly with the other dogs. I spoke to Jesse describing my needs. He said, “I wish you would’ve brought her here.” I said “I did”. He went to my car and got her. I was mortified. He brought her right into the class!

He saw all my fear. I held my breath and stood outside the fence, white knuckled. He was immediately able to identify her defensive behavior and neutralize it. Her in one hand, another dog in the other. Belly up she went at his feet.

Then the miracle happened. He made her calm down and stay right next to the other dog. He didn’t separate us!

His intuitive insight got right down to the core of my dogs issues. She is sweet, not aggressive but defensive. I hadn’t realized the dog I had previously used to bully her when she was a pup. She “learned” defensive behavior. What Insight he has!

Jesse is from a lineage of profession trainers in Lima, Peru. They trained German shepherds from Germany for the police. We are fortunate enough that Jesse is an explorer who landed in this country. I’m sure Peru misses him.

Jesse’s teaching is a revolutionary, simple, natural, patient approach to dog training. He listens to your heart.

“Patience, this takes time, take little steps. One command at a time.” When my dog gets defensive he gently reprimands her with a lot of non-verbal communication. (n. the act of transmitting. A giving or exchanging of information, signals, or messages as by talk or gestures.)

“Deb, don’t avoid”. He instills confidence & advocates for the dog. My dog is 8 ½ years old. It’s never too late. True power doesn’t have to announce itself. It is quiet, yet commanding. That is Jesse. His fresh approach to training is ‘the kingdom come’. We are not alone!

Thank you for an answer, and hope-Jesse Salas.

Thank you for your legacy of true peach. A world teacher among us. I love the Berkshires!

Now, Jesse passes his legacy onto his daughter! It is the new age.


Deb Harmatz

Special thanks to Molly for her Beautiful Heart. Peace.


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