Dr. Doolittle?


If you live in Berkshire County and walk your dog in public you just might find yourself accosted
by the Dr. Doolittle dog whisperer. It is your dog I am after. I can’t resist listening to what
they have to say. If you see me you are welcome to introduce me to your dog. It is the neighborly
thing to do. Do not be surprised if our “dog on the street” interview is featured somewhere in my
I was eating lunch at Shot’s café in Lenox when an amazing dog walked by. There was a human
attached to it but admittedly it was the dog that caught my eye. At first the dog told me rather
impolitely not to bother her as she wanted to continue her walk. Then when she realized I could
hear her thoughts, she relented and said she had a message for her human. The dog
wanted me to make it clear to her companion that she should stop worrying about her. This is a common theme for dogs. They pick up the
energy of our concern. She said her human was worrying way too much about everything and that she
didn’t want her to be concerned about her. She stressed that she is healthy and that even though
she is aging she has a long time before it is her time to leave. It always surprises me how much
the dogs have a sense of their lifespan.
I cautiously told the woman that I am an animal communicator and after a response that did not
include backing away slowly I asked if she would like to know what her dog was thinking. She said
she would so I asked her if she had been worried about the dog. She began to cry and said that she
would not know what she would do without her. They had been together since the dog was a puppy.When I reassured her that the dog is not going anywhere any time soon, it gave her a great deal of solace. What came next was even more interesting. The dog explained that she was given to the woman for an important reason. This particular
woman needed to learn to live in the present and the dog would teach this to her if she would allow

The unconditional love of dogs are angelic representations of how to live. This dog wanted to
love her companion into a sense of calm and well- being. I could feel a tangible sense of healing
when the woman confirmed that she needed to hear that message on this day. She had been having a
rough time. As she had already known she and her dog were meant to be together for a
greater purpose.Your own canine companions are in your life for a reason. Not everyone is a dog person. But those
of us who are know that we are better for it.

Deborah Herman is a Mystic animal communicator. She is co-founder of the Writers, Agents and
Editors Network www.WAENetwork.com and teaches spirituality classes in the Berkshires. Her personal
website is: www.soul- odyssey.com and she can be reached at debherman3@gmail.com.

Editor’s Note:
Deb Herman will be doing mini readings on July 7th at 1 pm at
Meow Growl in Lee.


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