Debbie Barracca


I was born on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and feel very fortunate to have grown up in NYC. I worked as deb for bio b&w(1)a graphic designer for many years. My husband and I wrote, designed and art directed the childrens’ book series, The Adventures of Taxi Dog, about a homeless dog in NYC who gets adopted by a cab driver.

I combined my love of animals and art into creating portraits on stone, which has become my passion. I am always searching for just the right stone to fit the shape of the animal. I often lose track of the hours I spend on each rock because I try to paint the animal’s likeness as well as its soul, which is reflected in the eyes. A pet is an important member of the family, and some of my commissions are for animals that have departed. As I paint them, I seem to connect to their spirits and feel them come through to me…hard to explain!

I paint with acrylics and finish with a protective glaze. I thoroughly love what I do and consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to bring some happiness into pet owners’ lives… when I see tears of joy, I know I’ve succeeded. In addition to cats and dogs, I’ve painted everything from birds, ferrets and guinea pigs to horses and various wild animals.

I currently live in Seymour, CT with my husband, Sal, daughter Samantha and three wonderful cats. Please painted rock catcheck out my website at or find me on Facebook.


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