Cat Dash


May 21 was the first annual Cat Dash (yes, we’re hopeful they’ll do it again next year). This was a unique and exciting fundraising idea put on by some friends of Animal DREAMS to help us obtain a $1000 matching grant.  What is a Cat Dash, you ask? It’s basically a pub run and relay race combined. It took place in Dalton where, conveniently, there are six pubs, restaurants, or bars located in about a 3-mile radius.  Zip’s Bar and Billiards, Dalton VFW, Dewey’s Public House, Dalton American Legion,  Jacob’s and Paddy’s were the very-accommodating and hospitable locations used.

Every team had a member stationed at each of the locations. The start and finish was at Zip’s Bar and Billiards. At exactly 3 PM the team members located at the start drank a 16 ounce beverage of their choosing, took their baton (which was a toy cat) and ran as fast as they could to the next station where they handed the baton over to their teammate who then drake a 16 ounce beverage and went onto the next location and so on and so on until the last team member crossed the finish line and placed their cat on the bar.  Each team paid $100 to participate in the fun.  At the end of the race was an after-party that featured a big raffle, food, and music. All teams had a spectacular time and were asking to do it again next year.  Total funds raised for Animal DREAMS through team registration, raffle ticket sales, and general donations was  $1,460.00. This far exceeded our goal of $1,000.00 to obtain the matching grant of the same amount.

Thank you to all the participating locations and A HUGE thank you to the friends who made this all happen; Stephanie Lawton and Libby Hall for obtaining awesome raffle prizes; Joe Dewey of Dewey’s Public House for the very yummy food; Barbara Schmick for taking fantastic photos; Allen P. Harris and Ashley Leonard for volunteering their day to help out; CJ Rolfs for coordinating the entire event; Ron “Zip” Carver and Nick Tate for letting us use their establishment and for coming up with concept; Tierney Rolfs for volunteering her time to tend bar. And all the team captains and racers – you made it a fun and exciting day!!  THANK YOU ALL


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