Little Guild of Saint Francis is a small, no-kill shelter based out of Northwest Connecticut. Although we pull dogsBoyd and friends from all over, we are fond of helping out our local animal controls and shelters. We found Boyd at Bridgeport animal control. He was so new to them, he didn’t even have a name yet, just a number. As we took him out of his kennel, he was beyond happy to be able to stretch his legs and enjoy some fresh air. We fell in love with him immediately and decide he would be taking the trip back to the Little Guild with us. On the long ride back to West Cornwall, we chose his name Boyd. We found it fitting considering he was the biggest pit bull at Bridgeport pound. Later he would end up being called, Big Boyd by staff and volunteers.

Boyd enjoyed romping around in the big fenced in yards with other dogs of all shapes and sizes, as well as his alone time with his giant plastic ball that people could hear his enjoyment with from a mile away. We found he was a giant mush. As people would pass him in his kennel, he’d jump up to give them kisses through the bars, volunteers adored him and staff couldn’t help but fall in love!

As time went by, we found people had little interest in him. We kept telling him that he was such a good boy and some amazing family would scoop him up. As he was at an adoption event, we were able to find him a foster home, which had 2 other pit bulls in it. After some time, his foster had to return him simply because of the fact that he was falling too in love with Boyd. A short time after he had returned to the Guild, his prayers of finding a permanent home (maybe even with some playmates in it) were answered.

An amazing family and pit bull advocates drove to meet Boyd and spend some time with him. After spending about 2 hours with him, they fell in love, as most people did when they met him. The next day, Boyd was delivered to their home to do a meet and greet with their 2 other pits, Cady and Gus. It went fabulous of course! It was a hard day to say goodbye to Big Boyd but we knew he was in great hands and great company. Throughout the next couple of weeks, we were updated on how Boyd’s name was changed to Loki, the Norse God of Mischief, which suited him very well. All of his new family were falling more and more in love with him as each day passed. His family consists of Steve and Mo, and their 3 children, Madi, Rylan and Jilly, who Loki loves to cuddle under the blankets with, as well as 2 lizards, Puff and Jerome. When he’s not meandering around outside, finding dog toys long forgotten by the other dogs, he is inside sleeping in a “pittie pile” with his other canine siblings. Loki has come so far from being a number, to living and being loved in a home he can call his own. Both staff and volunteers from The Little Guild have been so fortunate and happy to have been able to love this big guy and find him a home that he truly deserves.


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